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    Cognitive is gaining traction across all industries — from financial evaluation tools to sentiment analysis solutions to intelligent recommendation bots. But companies need cognitive experts to fully realize the power of next‑generation tools and solutions.
    By becoming a member of the Topcoder Community and registering for this specialized community, you can compete in fun cognitive challenges, access educational resources, and win money by solving real-life business problems for companies in need of cognitive expertise. Develop your skills and you may even win a trip to the ‌Topcoder Open, our largest competitive programming and design competition of the year.Get Started

    “Cognitive computing is the next wave of software development, and for good reason! The mantra of mobile-first is now being replaced by AI-first, and consumer dependency on smartphones will soon be replaced by a dependency on cognitive computing — ranging from voice controls and natural language parsing to bots. Developers with this skill set will be in high demand.”

    Dave Messinger

    Topcoder VP of Product Architecture & Global Developer Community Director

    Joining the Cognitive Community is Simple

    Topcoder and IBM have partnered to bring you all the resources you need to excel with today’s cognitive technologies, like IBM Watson, AI, and chatbots. And in order to participate in cognitive challenges on Topcoder, you’ll need to deploy your code to IBM Cloud.

    Also, be sure to check out the cognitive computing zone on ‌IBM developerWorks. There you’ll find how-to content and community expertise to help you succeed with your own cognitive apps and solutions, and get more information on machine learning and AI.

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