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    Goodbye IBM Bluemix,
    Hello IBM Cloud!

    Bluemix is Now IBM Cloud

    While everything you loved about Bluemix is the same under IBM Cloud, the difference is that IBM now provides one easy-to-use cloud across multiple deployments. And in order to compete in Topcoder challenges, you need to have an IBM Cloud account.

    Sign up for IBM Cloud Lite

    Differences Between an IBM Cloud Trial and IBM Cloud Lite Account

    Unless you already have an IBM Cloud Trial account, you’ll want to ‌sign up for an IBM Cloud Lite account. Here’s a breakdown of the major differences between an IBM Cloud Trial account and an IBM Cloud Lite account.

    Learn More About IBM Cloud Lite

    IBM Cloud Trial

    • Expires after 30 days
    • Free — no credit card required
    • Maximum 2GB memory
    • 10 services
    • 1 SSL certificate

    IBM Cloud Lite

    • Never expires
    • Free — no credit card required
    • 256 MB of memory
    • 1 instance per Lite plan
    • App auto-sleep
    • Service garbage collection
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