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    Cognitive March Madness

    Four contests to build a tool that gathers information on teams and players by analyzing textual materials from top sports writers and commentators!

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    Current Cognitive Challenges

    Topcoder and IBM have partnered to roll out a series of educational challenges that will help you learn everything you need to know to excel with cognitive technologies. Once you join the Topcoder Cognitive Community, we’ll notify you of the latest challenges as they’re released.

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    Perks and Prizes

    The Topcoder Cognitive Community is free to join — no strings attached. Winning submissions receive financial prizes, which vary by challenge. Leading challenge winners are also eligible to win a trip to the Topcoder Open to compete live. All that, and some of our most talented developers have gone on to work for companies like IBM and Google or even start their own businesses. What are you waiting for?

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